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Starting out in the world of cloth can seem pretty daunting. Don't worry we are here to help!

There are lots of amazing videos out there explaining everything cloth, but sometimes it's nice to see it all written down in one place. So that's what we have done for you!


Obviously talking about nappies is the first on the list. The most common question is how many nappies do I need? Honestly, there isn't a direct answer to this, It all depends on how often you plan to wash, if you use slow or fast-drying products and how you dry them. But on average you will need 20-25.

Types Of Nappies

There are a few types of nappies available and all of them have different qualities, so here is a handy little guide for you.

Pocket Nappies

These waterproof shells come with absorbent inserts that are stuffed into the back of the nappy. The inserts are separate from the waterproof outer shell which means they dry very quickly and you can easily add extra absorbent layers in the nappy to boost. Most pocket nappies require the inserts to be removed from the pocket before being washed.

Fitted Nappies

Fitted nappies have two separate layers that you take on and off. A waterproof layer is required to go over the fitted nappy. This waterproof layer can be known as a wrap or cover. Fitted nappies are great for containment, they are often used as night nappies. However, they are slow drying

All In One

All-In-One nappies have inserts and boosters all sewn into the nappies. They're just as simple as a disposable nappy to use!This makes them super easy to use for beginners. The only down side to these is at they are slower drying.


Flats are traditional terry squares and pre-folds. Flats need to be folded and then secured with a nippa or pin. There are so many different types of folds; check out some of our videos! Similarly to a fitted nappy, they need to be covered by a waterproof cover. These are super economical, have great absorbency and are extremely versatile

All In Two

All-In-Two nappies are an outer waterproof shell that has inserts either laid inside or snapped in. These are really economical as the outer waterproof does not need to be replaced at every change; if the nappy is wet, just change the insides, wipe the cover and pop back on

One Size 

One size nappies are super popular with most cloth parents. This type of nappy will grow with your baby due to the adjustable rises at the rise. Most one size nappies are for 8lbs - 35lbs approximately but this varies between the brands. They're sometimes known as birth to potty (BTP)


Newborn nappies are made specifically for new babies, they come up super small and can be adjusted as the baby grows. When the baby has outgrown these, one size nappies are the next stage


Inserts are placed inside pocket nappies. They’re the absorbent part of the pocket nappy. Most pocket nappies will come with inserts already but it may be necessary to purchase more. Inserts come in different materials which vary in absorbency. Microfibre is the least absorbent, where as hemp is the most absorbent. Most pocket nappies use a mixture of materials such a bamboo and cotton. Insert are available in microfibre, bamboo, charcoal and hemp.


Boosters are an added extra if required for extra absorbency during the day for heavy wetters or at bedtime. Hemp is the most absorbent form of booster, in contrast microfibre is the least absorbent but does absorb quickly for children who tend to flood nappies. Bamboo is the most common type to use, they're an affordable option and have great absorbency


Liners are an optional extra that can use used in all the nappies. They make disposing is solids easier, protect your nappies from staining and keeps your babies skin drier. There are two types of liners: disposables or reusables. Dispose of any solids down the toilet and then either dispose of the liner if disposable or pop the reusable with your nappies for washing. If you are using nappy cream it is recommended to use a liner.

Cloth World Slang!

Here are a couple of things you might find handy to know!

BTP - Birth to potty

(A type of nappy)

AIO - All in one

(A type of nappy)

AI2 - All in two

(A type of nappy)

PUL - Polyurethane Laminate

(The waterproof Fabric) 

HTF - Hard to find

(popular prints)

OTB - On the butt / On the bum

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