Poppets Lanolin is 100% Pure Anhydrous Lanolin in Sugar Crush


Scented lanolin will give your wool nappy covers a delicate scent.


Lanolin is extracted from freshly shorn sheeps wool and is a natural byproduct of the sheering process. When you have a new wool nappy cover, it will have been striped of lanolin so by lanolising the wool cover you are creating the natural water repelling, evaporation properties back into the wool.


Poppets lanolin is used to give your wool nappy covers a natural water resistant layer.


You can use Poppets lanolin along side Poppets and our other wool care products for easy and gentle wool care maintenance.


Sugar Crush - A sweet, rich, fruity fragrance with sweet vanilla and cherry almond.


For wool care only.


100% Pure Lanolin

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