Bamboo Bright Bots single Terry Square. Trim & Thirsty! 100% Bamboo Soft Terry Towelling.  Bamboo is an amazing material that has high absorbency but is thin so bamboo terries are less bulky.  These terries are 100% Bamboo they are not a mix. Size is 70cm by 70cm.

Use with a wrap and a nappy fastener.

Prewash before use:  Prewashing before use removes the manufacturers residue and sets the terry loops to stop pulls and fluff the terries up. Prewashing also creates the absorbency. Prewashing should be 30/40c short gentle wash and natural drying if possible. 

Once in use these terries can be washed at 40 – 60max.  Do not use any fabric conditioner. Dry naturally if possible. Low heat Tumble. Do not place on direct heat i.e. radiators as this will melt the bamboo fibres.

Bamboo Brightbots Single White Terry Squares

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