Complete ‘All in Two’ Reds Reusables Nappy Wrap, Inserts and Fleece Liner

This fantastic nappy wrap has so many amazing features! It has been expertly designed to create a snug and comfy fit for babies 8-35lbs.

Combining the simplicity of a flat nappy & wrap with the modern pocket nappy - soft water resistant fleece without stuffing any pockets!

Simply lay the inserts inside the nappy with the fleece liner on top (closest to baby’s skin), tuck under the flaps and you’re ready to go!


x1 Nappy Wrap in your chosen design 

x1 Large Hemp/Cotton Insert

x1 Small Hemp/Cotton Insert

x1 Fleece Liner


Double gusset to prevent leaks
Elasticated back
Front and back inner flaps to help secure inserts. The back flap has a hidden soft elastic to grip and stop the inserts from moving.
Instead of PUL flaps like most nappies, Reds Reusables uses a soft and water resistant fleece. This creates a stay dry feel and makes them ideal for wearing over a night nappy. The Fleece flaps are backed with PUL, this offers added security in preventing leaks. The fleece flaps are not wipe clean, this means we do not recommend wiping the wrap and reusing with clean inserts.

Snap adjustment on the front of the nappy, enabling a great fit from 8lb - 35lb 
Two rows of poppers on the waist, also known as a hip stability popper. Helping create an amazing fit around babies waist and legs.
The nappy is made of the highest quality PUL.
The nappies edge features a beautiful binding in a complimenting colour.

Red Reusables Bundle

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