All in One nappies are a great option for those who don't like the idea of sitting and stuffing their nappies, they are often referred to as the closest option to a disposable. 


This nappy boasts 3 super absorbent unbleached organic cotton layers in the soaker pad, plus an extra long tongue with 5 further layers, In total providing 13-18 layers of cotton (depending on the fold). Cotton is great at absorbing at speed, perfect for babies prone to flooding, yet extremely thirsty suiting heavy wetters.


  • Super Soft TPU outer layer
  • Hip Stability poppers, perfect for slimmer babies. Nappy works perfectly without the use of these if you prefer. 
  • Rolled leg elastics, super easy to fit and great for containment. 
  • Tummy panel, great for tummy sleepers and to prevent wicking. 
  • Tongue attached at the front of the nappy allowing more options for fit. 
  • Slim fitting. 
  • Cross over waist snaps- perfect for tiny babies or storing when out and about. 
  • 4 Rise Snap options, with 3 rows of poppers. 
  • Tummy Elastics to give a perfect fit. 
  • Nappy fits from 8lb-35lb+


As this nappy is made from natural fibres, absorbency will increase with the number of washes. We recommend a minimum of one wash before first use to remove manufacturing residue. 


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